Case Studies

SELISE develops latest employee training solutions for leading Swiss security provider

A leading Swiss-based security prover had been lacking integrated HR processes. As a result, they were experiencing difficulty in assessing their business decisions. SELISE helped them out with technical support by creating a unified portal that brings all of their HR practices under a single platform. The platform offered recruitment, training, resource planning, project management, security service offer management and employee payroll dispatching — all backed by a powerful CRM system that registers all of the client’s stakeholders and their relevant information. SELISE’s collaboration with them resulted in a best-in-class digital end-to-end employee and customer experience.

SELISE builds modern HRIS solution for the retail ecosystem

SELISE has teamed up with a leading company providing a retail ecosystem: a B2BC business model that enables stores to connect with their end customers through a wide variety of fulfillment partners. Their existing workflow was cumbersome and manual, their solutions for different services were disparate — all of which would result in inefficient use of resources and the processes in turn would be time consuming.

DELTA group automates their resource and client management processes with SELISE!

DELTAgroup, a Swiss-based security provider, is valued as the leading national company for security & gross event services supplemented with qualitative consulting and training competence. With the vision of “Security at its best”, DELTAgroup from its founding in 1991 has been working to provide the best security services to their clients across Europe.

Sunrise UPC & SELISE have launched the Sunrise Moments platform!

We are excited to go live with Sunrise Moments – a brand new platform dedicated to bringing relevant content and exclusive offers to existing as well as new customers of Sunrise UPC. With the development of the Sunrise Club, Sunrise plans to build an ecosystem for all customers fed by traffic from and Starzone Music Hub through engaging content, rewards, promotions and other services, thereby boosting current relationships and attracting new leads.

Sunrise UPC digitizes their B2B & B2C service management with SELISE!

Since November 2020, after the largest merger of two companies in recent Swiss history, Sunrise and UPC have been working together to provide their customers with a comprehensive product and service portfolio. in the telecommunication industry in Switzerland. At the beginning of June 2021, Sunrise UPC reached around 3 million households with its high-performance network and more than 94% of the Swiss population with basic 5G.

EcoHub – An exemplary large-scale IT project to digitize an entire industry

Digital ecosystems facilitate collaboration and streamline business processes. They also help empower employees by ensuring that market participants are concentrating on their core competencies. Lower transaction costs bring greater prosperity to providers and their customers. More often than not, project implementations at the scale of an entire industry fail. Launched in May 2020, EcoHub, the central online platform in the Swiss insurance, pensions and brokerage market, proves that when efficiently implemented, even a large, complex and multifaceted digital ecosystem such as EcoHub can work extremely well and effectively digitize an entire industry.

SELISE builds integrated customized campaign management system for leading Swiss chocolate manufacturer

One of SELISE’s clients in the food & gastro industry – a major Swiss chocolate manufacturer – has been working to provide their customers with the finest Swiss chocolate experience since the mid-nineties. They have been looking to expand their business internationally in order to reach chocolate enthusiasts all over the world. With that in mind, they got in touch with SELISE to help them with necessary technical support.

SELISE builds webshop for leading Gastro client to allow customers to customize their orders on the go

SELISE, as part of an ongoing collaboration with an industry leader in the Swiss gastronomy sector, developed a webshop that lets customers enjoy a higher level of personalization with complete customization of their food bowls. The webshop entails a functional online ordering system, with multiple integrations such as delivery service partner and payment gateway, that has different payment options. The process of selecting the standard and the customized bowl is intuitive and easy-to-use. They only need to access the webshop to order the signature bowl or create their customized bowls. Customers can also enjoy special discounts and offers.

SELISE creates web applications to increase transparency and stakeholder collaboration in the construction industry

To create a greater impact in the digital transformation of the logistics and construction industries, SELISE has created a solution for one of the largest logistics conglomerates in Switzerland. In essence, the solution aimed to bring all stakeholders together and create transparency over the entire process, to make decision making easier. In the Swiss construction sector, many companies require tools and unloading zones. For our client, there were multiple parties involved in a project which required several tools but there was not even a single platform that offered the solution for every tool.

SELISE helps SWICA make healthcare appointments simpler for all!

As one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland, SWICA serves around 1.5 million insured people and 27,000 corporate clients. With an impressive number of around 25,000 enlisted therapists, SWICA has been ensuring fast solutions for patients’ every requirement. Insurance coverage on alternative medicine is one of the more popular solutions offered by SWICA. To avail this coverage, customers have to search on their own and make appointments with the therapists.

Vorwerk integrates a centralized portal to increase sales efficiency with SELISE!

Vorwerk is an international diversified corporate group headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, founded in 1883, the company operates as a direct distributor of various products like household appliances, fitted kitchens and cosmetics. Among the many brands, two of the most well known are: Thermomix, a multi-function kitchen appliance and Kobold: a smart vacuum cleaner.

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