Vorwerk integrates a centralized portal to increase sales efficiency with SELISE!

Vorwerk is an international diversified corporate group headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, founded in 1883, the company operates as a direct distributor of various products like household appliances, fitted kitchens and cosmetics. Among the many brands, two of the most well known are: Thermomix, a multi-function kitchen appliance and Kobold: a smart vacuum cleaner.

To provide their beloved customers with the best purchasing experience, the purchasing process involves a product demonstration with one of the many selected advisors from Vorwerk. Vorwerk identified the opportunity to make this process automated through a digital portal integration for all the relevant stakeholders.

One of the key processes involved in the overall purchasing process was a customer requesting a product demonstration which was communicated to the advisor through traditional communication channels making the process slower. SELISE, with the help of Vorwerk, identified the improvement area for the user experience and this entire process was automated under a centralized platform – where the customer could place the request and the advisors could engage with the request immediately, which led to faster response time, improving overall sales conversion.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, Vorwerk and SELISE worked to design a well-integrated and organized system to overhaul the entire purchasing process for the company’s products. From lead collection to assigning the advisor to purchasing accessories – the entire process is now automated and fast, with the data collected and organized to make more informed decisions for continuous improvement in the future!

Our Featured Micro-services

Identity Management

Identity management tool manages the identity authentication of a user during logging into the system and thus helps with data protection from external stakeholders.

Email Notifications

Users receive instantaneous email notifications when an action relevant for that user has been taken in the portal and thus keeping the users up-to-date with all the changes.

User Access Management

User Access Management tool offers users the flexibility to provide various degrees of access to both internal and external stakeholders, depending on the roles of the stakeholders

Platform Data Service (PDS):

With PDS, data can be fetched from the database, using modified queries for each request making the whole process more efficient.