SELISE creates web applications to increase transparency and stakeholder collaboration in the construction industry

To create a greater impact in the digital transformation of the logistics and construction industries, SELISE has created a solution for one of the largest logistics conglomerates in Switzerland. In essence, the solution aimed to bring all stakeholders together and create transparency over the entire process, to make decision making easier.

In the Swiss construction sector, many companies require tools and unloading zones. For our client, there were multiple parties involved in a project which required several tools but there was not even a single platform that offered the solution for every tool.

The Impact

This created a haphazard schedule both for tools lending and booking unloading zones which resulted in delays of construction.


SELISE developed a web app which provided real-time vehicle tracking, delivery planning and fleet management using mobile devices. The app helped improve shipment scheduling and tracking by the use of intelligence infrastructure. Now, with the help of the app, vendors can easily book slots for the tools required for their work order, while project managers can book slots for unloading zones.

SELISE also created a second web application to assist infrastructure development projects by collaborating with the public transport industry. The tool helps to strategize logistical movements, pan shipments for construction projects and regional development projects, by making use of business data available from open data sources. The app has a floor-plan management module that allows visualization of tasks and reporting.