SELISE and X4T lead the charge in next-gen digital finance

In response to a growing demand for a secure and user-friendly crypto exchange platform in Paraguay, our customer X4T turned to SELISE for an innovative solution. The challenge lay in bridging the gap between crypto enthusiasts and newcomers, ensuring a seamless user experience amidst the complexities of the Crypto and Web3 ecosystem.


SELISE proposed a groundbreaking approach: a hybrid exchange that marries the compliance and familiarity of centralized services with the cutting-edge potential of decentralized operation. This solution not only addressed the skepticism surrounding user adoption but also set a new standard for crypto exchanges.

On X4T, users can effortlessly sign up through the conventional Web2 authentication process and deposit their crypto holdings directly into the platform. For those without pre-purchased crypto, our Cash-in Feature provides a convenient solution. By physically depositing Guarani or USD at an Agent Location, users receive an equivalent stable coin in the form of USDT. The platform equips users with genuine custodial wallets, ensuring that transactions occur exclusively through decentralized exchange partners. This safeguards users’ funds from central repositories, markedly diminishing the risk of counterparty incidents.

Looking ahead, SELISE is on the verge of introducing a Crypto Deposit Feature through Bank Transfer, further enhancing accessibility.

Once USDT is deposited, users can delve into trading. The platform offers access to the top 50 cryptocurrencies, allowing users to construct their investment portfolios securely and efficiently. Withdrawal options abound, from transferring crypto back to their wallets to converting assets to USDT and withdrawing in Guarani or USD from Agent Locations.

To streamline operations, SELISE developed a robust Admin Dashboard with dedicated access for Admin, Treasurers and Agents, empowering them to manage transactions seamlessly.

From initial wireframe designs to the final product, SELISE executed every phase of development, ensuring a cohesive and high-quality end-to-end solution.

The journey doesn’t end here. SELISE is committed to ongoing enhancements, with a roadmap that includes multiple utility functions. We’re poised to bring further iterations of the product in the coming years, staying at the forefront of crypto exchange innovation.

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