SELISE helps SWICA make healthcare appointments simpler for all!

As one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland, SWICA serves around 1.5 million insured people and 27,000 corporate clients. With an impressive number of around 25,000 enlisted therapists, SWICA has been ensuring fast solutions for patients’ every requirement.

Insurance coverage on alternative medicine is one of the more popular solutions offered by SWICA. To avail this coverage, customers have to search on their own and make appointments with the therapists.

Until 2019, SWICA’s customers had to look up for therapists on their own using conventional methods. Also most of the therapists were already working with other partner platforms and SWICA’s system was not connected with them causing inefficiencies in coordination and management.

To make the processes simpler for all the parties, SELISE has built an ecosystem connecting customers, therapists, and other relevant online platforms. Customers can register themselves with the help of SWICA, locate therapists of their choice, view their information, and book appointments online using the portal. Therapists can register themselves using either SWICA Guide application or another partner’s application which they had been using before to confirm the appointments and interact with their customers. The other software partner applications were integrated with SWICA so that the relevant data can be synced easily.

Our Featured Micro-services

Appointment Module

The appointment module for SWICA Guide is primarily handled using SWICA business service, a customized service to read therapist specific data such as methods, time slot.

Email Notifications

Users receive email notifications when a therapist is onboarded in the application, an appointment is requested by a customer to a therapist, when a therapist responds to the appointment request

Calendar Sync

Appointment slots are made available, blocked and confirmed via an array of third parties using REST and SOAP API technology as well as all the popular calendar protocols