Sunrise UPC digitizes their B2B & B2C service management with SELISE!

Since November 2020, after the largest merger of two companies in recent Swiss history, Sunrise and UPC have been working together to provide their customers with a comprehensive product and service portfolio. in the telecommunication industry in Switzerland. At the beginning of June 2021, Sunrise UPC reached around 3 million households with its high-performance network and more than 94% of the Swiss population with basic 5G.

As part of this journey, Sunrise UPC identified the opportunities to facilitate faster growth by streamlining and automating processes embedded in their sales service management to a diverse variety of customers.

For one instance, the sales teams at Sunrise UPC have to quickly generate custom quotes made to B2B and B2C customers in the ever competitive market – which would benefit greatly from an automated offer generator platform that would result in better lead conversion from potential customers!

To that end, the company approached SELISE to digitize segments of their vast sales services with the state of the art service design and digital platform development, encompassing product creation, promotion configuration, and quote generation for customers!

Our Live Projects

The Wholesale Portal

Aimed at the B2B business segment, the wholesale portal which is an online ordering platform specifically tailored to meet the requirements of telco wholesale operators. The platform consists of the quote generator module capable of api integrations that results in improved and effective management of the customers and orders.

The Point 2.0 Portal

The Point 2 Portal is a comprehensive retail channel and indirect sales management solution to digitize, automate and streamline operations for UPC. Composed of the user management module, the custom dashboard module and a ticketing and support solution, the Point 2.0 portal automates the whole process with enhanced user experience.

Our Featured Micro-services

Quote Generator Module

The Quote Generator tool supports bulk quotations for thousands of sites with easy quote creation and tracking by sales, aimed at B2B customers.

User Management Tool

The User Management Tool provides the flexibility to a platform with Role-Based Dynamic permissions, providing the users the smooth access to information from a central platform.

Product Configurator Module

This Product Configurator Tool allows the user to create products from scratch or a set template for the B2C customer segment, providing the flexibility of addressing a diverse range of customer needs.
Ekrem Koeylueer

“SELISE enabled us for 4 years to reach our goals and targets and basically built the state of the art customer facing portal!”

Vice President – Wholesale, Sunrise UPC (Liberty Global)