DELTA group automates their resource and client management processes with SELISE!

DELTAgroup, a Swiss-based security provider, is valued as the leading national company for security & gross event services supplemented with qualitative consulting and training competence. With the vision of “Security at its best”, DELTAgroup from its founding in 1991 has been working to provide the best security services to their clients across Europe. 

In their mission to provide the best in class security services, DELTAgroup pushed themselves to digitize their operations – to provide superior customer satisfaction and reduce costs through improving overall efficiency.

One of the core focus points of digitization was the offer generation process for the customers – while handling the custom needs for each client based on the variety of events and relationship status, there was a clear need to automate the process using a central software to reduce administrative time loss and increase transparency among teams. 

DELTAgroup has been working with SELISE to augment the existing systems in place to provide best-in-class digital end-to-end employee and customer experience – from hiring to training, personnel management to quote generation – the overall operations process is being reengineered to lead in the next generation of technology!

Our Featured Micro-services

User Access Management

User Access Management tool offers users the flexibility to provide various degrees of access to both internal and external stakeholders, eliminating the need to communicate information manually via third party tools.

Point of Contact Management

Streamlining the process of managing multiple stakeholders by a single point of contact, Point of Contact Management solution offers the users manage multiple stakeholders in a centrally organized manner, boosting efficiency and transparency,

Custom Quotation Generator

Added to the existing segmented offer generator, the Custom Quotation Generator allows users to modify the offer based on multiple determinants such as relationship, seasonal promotion and so on while keeping records of the offers generated, providing the management with a clearer picture of the overall sales operations.

“During the last 24 months, you helped us to get closer to the dream of a Deltagroup management platform”

Linus Eberhard
Chief Operations Officer| DELTAgroup