SME Blogs

Smart solutions with Zippsafe

Zippsafe provides a smart and space-saving locker solutions for employees worldwide. With their capacity calculator, any organization can calculate their savings based on the number of users or a given space. SELISE comes into the picture in this amazing locker solution by building a visually appealing website for Zippsafe and giving them an online presence to help reach their global market especially for the regions such as Switzerland, Europe and USA.

Find valuable information from CVs through automation

We all know how important it is to send the right CV to a prospective employer. A perfect candidate might lose on the perfect opportunity without having the right curriculum vitae to show for it. This is why SELISE built a career portal that automates the entire process of finding information out of the CVs and matching them with potential jobs within Salesforce. Previously, the process of finding information was done manually, resulting in a backlog of thousands of incomplete candidate profiles. To counter this problem, SELISE implemented a parsing tool, which allowed the system to identify applications with attached CVs, parse the information from them, and record the data within Salesforce.

Level up your business communications through Social App

Enthusiasm is contagious. And so is Wiffme. Wiffme is a platform that enables you to explore and share location-based information in real time via live video! Communication in a new way. To make Wiffme more lively and beneficial to individuals and businesses, we at SELISE have developed various components to support Wiffme. For example, with a plug-and-play SaaS solution for businesses, where you can place a custom map widget on their business website to display videos and get feedback via SMS on demand. With a Web app invitations can be sent out using the map widget to connect business to the mobile app.

Job matching tool – fair for both companies and applicants

Finding ideal candidates on both the company side and the applicant side is often not easy. Yet today there are countless tools that simplify this process. What is special about the system we developed is that the tool, which is based on an enterprise cloud platform, connects companies and potential candidates and takes place anonymously in the initial application phase. This ensures a fair chance for all customers (employers) and applicants. The job matching system is based on a complex and proprietary algorithm that considers multiple factors to determine the best possible fit for a job posting.

Perfect Match: Connecting Talents and Companies

Perfect match – for both sides and with just a few clicks find the right employer or employee. We have built a talent pool that makes this possible. Talents can register, create a profile (including an intro video) and stay in touch with their employer of choice. Companies, in turn, can directly contact potential candidates or talents from the desired industry or function. Connect talents and employers to have a coffee and get to know each other, no strings attached.

Seamless Invoice Transfer with We Talent

We Talents is the first talent and job matchmaking platform in Switzerland. Everything that recruiters and job seekers need is built right into it. With one single account, you can hire and get hired. We Talent offers easy skill and portfolio management, a live chat feature, in-built invoicing, talent suggestions, job recommendations, easy talent and job search, and many more.

Configure your own chocolate

Different kinds of people call for different kinds of chocolate. As a result we launched a chocolate configurator. Customize your own chocolate according to shape, flavor and toppings matching their very own desire. Furthermore you can place a personal message and surprise a loved one.

Advancing existing software

Automating existing processes does not mean developing completely new software. It is worth developing existing systems further. This is also the case for one of our clients doing home renovations. To make the set of processes more streamlined, we have advanced their CRM by adding custom objects needed in everyday business, updating formulas for necessary calculations, adding picklists to easier select items and making the invoice generation use QR codes which makes payment faster for the consumer.

The new Samsung Kiosks Go Live at SPIGA!

Together with SV Group, SELISE has upgraded the existing kiosks with the latest Samsung KM24A kiosk and are now up and running! The integration of SIX payments into the kiosk application allows SV Group to use more modern and at the same time more cost-effective Samsung hardware!

Lead management made easy!

Leads can make or break a business – especially when you are working with high profile clients! We have recently launched a customized CRM module for one of our clients with the goal of structuring the lead conversion process more efficiently and effectively. Now the sales management team can easily add leads into the system, engage in interactions with them and convert them into members, in short: we developed the optimized customer journey together!

Simplify HR operations with HR Simplix Payroll

Payroll, attendance and absence management – we developed a simple system for better management of HR operations especially for small companies and start-ups. With this payrolls can be created easily and efficiently based on tax and insurance logic, without the need for additional complex systems.

Level Up for Online Shopping

Shopping is more than just acquiring items, it’s an experience. So believes one of our clients. But due to Covid-19 restrictions, achieving this has become harder. To solve this problem, we have created a live video e-commerce shopping module, thereby enabling consumers to view products live, ask questions and add selected items to their shopping cart.