SELISE : The latest evolution of the basic building blocks of software

In the fast paced world of technology, when you ask a business side employee what “microservices” do, you’re likely to get one of two reactions – either their eyes gloss over and a mechanical voice takes over, regurgitating the same memorized explanation of what microservices are, or you get a noncommittal response that basically implies they have no idea. In reality, microservices are quite simple – they’re designed to be.

Exploring the Frontiers of Blockchain: Emerging Technologies and Trends to Follow

Blockchain technology has been around for more than a decade, but it keeps evolving through broader and more versatile applications and advancements. While most people think of blockchain in terms of cryptocurrencies, innovative businesses continue to find new ways to leverage blockchain to disrupt their sector. This article explores some new trends in blockchain that have the potential to reshape various industries.

Food delivery tech giant foodpanda gets new vendor website built on SELISE Page Builder

Food delivery tech giant foodpanda gets new vendor website built on SELISE Page Builder BACK TO ARTICLES European-based multinational food delivery marketplace foodpanda has partnered with SELISE to launch their new website for vendor management in Bangladesh, pandapartnerbd. The entire website was built from scratch on SELISE’s website maker, SELISE Page Builder, and went live […]

The Multiplatform Casual Games using WASM and .NET 7

In September 2022, SV Group, one of the leading gastronomy companies in Switzerland came to us with a unique request for a proposal. They wanted to launch a series of arcade games throughout the advent calendar to promote their restaurant brands.

Delivering Advanced Security Solution with SELISE

SELISE transformed the security scenario for our client with a scalable multi-organization system that is used to control access to the building, printers, and WIFI; as well as authentication for their client base.