Delivering Advanced Security Solution with SELISE

SELISE transformed the security scenario for our client with a scalable multi-organization system that is used to control access to the building, printers, and WIFI; as well as authentication for their client base. Our client is a managed security service provider with a service line that addresses security and access control for public areas that are used on a sharing basis, such as co-living spaces, co-working spaces, and other communal areas. SELISE constructed a Central Unified Directory for them with an infrastructure that supports several interfaces built upon the access-control software already in use. The CUD also has options for customer-specific integrations with additional third-party software, as required. Not only these, with the integration of multi-tenancy in the solution, our client will eventually be able to market the CUD to end consumers as well. With the unification of the CUD with their existing systems, SELISE has helped bring efficiency to their operations and management system. SELISE has not only worked to solve critical bottlenecks while managing access and controlling security, it has also offered our client an advanced security solution, specifically designed and developed for shared space management environments.