SELISE blocks: The latest evolution of the basic building blocks of software

In the fast paced world of technology, when you ask a business side employee what “microservices” do, you’re likely to get one of two reactions – either their eyes gloss over and a mechanical voice takes over, regurgitating the same memorized explanation of what microservices are, or you get a noncommittal response that basically implies they have no idea. In reality, microservices are quite simple – they’re designed to be.

In the opening scene of an episode of hit animated show Rick and Morty, genius (mad) scientist Rick makes a claptrap contraption at the breakfast table. As it comes alive, the miniature robot asks Rick, “What is my purpose?” Rick, being the realist who has seen thousands of alternate dimensions and cannot be bothered with niceties, answers, “You pass the butter.” In tech terms, that dejected little robot is essentially a microservice – designed for one specific, albeit important, purpose.

Since technology is always evolving – and business practices with it – you can bet that microservices evolve as well. Not just evolving on their own into serving more and more complicated functionality, but also in the way they are packaged, distributed, used or sold.

Imagine if that butter-passing robot that Rick built could also do the tiresome task of buttering your bread and pouring you a cup of coffee. Then, it’s no longer a microservice, but a finely honed breakfast serving machine. It not only serves each individual task well, the robot is capable of a variety of tasks that add value as a sum of the tasks it performs. When you see it working those tasks, you understand its true capabilities.

Microservices, and the way we use them, have evolved beyond serving specific tasks and functions. If packaged correctly, they can provide distinct business capabilities to whoever is deploying them, and this idea of a Packaged Business Capability (PBC) is the foundation of , an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) solution from SELISE.

On the path to Composability

Microservices, Frontend Components, APIs and DBs are software artifacts that work together to create powerful, flexible, and responsive applications. We can think of them as blocks of a structure that are built independently, but create a complete system when put together. At SELISE, we have taken this concept to the next level by packaging these artifacts together to serve a specific business purpose, also referred to as PBC.
SELISE blocks is a catalog of composed applications, PBCs, cloud hosting and DevSecOps practices, which collectively are now presented as an aPaaS solution. SELISE provides customizable solutions to help businesses streamline processes and achieve scalability, in line with Gartner’s recommendation of building towards composable solutions. With SELISE , development teams utilizing the aPaaS solution’s services only need to Compose and Consume, while the team takes care of the Curate part of Gartner’s 4C concept of Composable Thinking. So where is the 4th C, Create? At SELISE we follow an open innovation approach where each and every individual can come up with new building blocks and contribute to the main catalog.

SELISE blocks: The key to Composed Solutions

SELISE blocks is our own technological arsenal, providing our clients with a diverse range of functionalities, all conveniently accessible in one place. These blocks have numerous advantages, from reducing the overall cost of a project to improving the quality and security of services. Our blocks are technologically agnostic and have been written in a plethora of languages and frameworks, all of them based on modern API and Security standards, such as static and dynamic code analysis (SAST and DAST).

Advantages of SELISE blocks: Efficient Enterprise Kickstart, guaranteed

SELISE blocks have numerous benefits that make them the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. One of the key advantages is that everything is very well organized and maintained following naming and organizing conventions. This ensures that all developers have the same understanding of the system, saving time and resources. Moreover, the inbuilt code for backend and frontend make it easy to integrate PBCs into any project or product, reducing the overall startup cost of a project and thereby empowering the enterprise IT.

Another major advantage of using SELISE is that they reduce the overall implementation time of projects. We can save time on development and testing, resulting in a faster go to market and lower cost TCO for the client. Additionally, blocks are highly customizable, making them easily integrated. For example, suppose a client requires and Identity and Access Management (IAM) system for their e-commerce platform that is connected to their ERP system via Active Directory (AD) – we can easily integrate the pre-built Identity Access Management PBC into their system, connect it with AD without having to code anything from scratch. This saves time and effort, while also ensuring that the solution is customized to the client’s specific needs. Lastly, SELISE core components are in continuous maintenance, which means that they are continuously updated, improved and checked for vulnerabilities.

Huge array of Business Capabilities

SELISE blocks offers a comprehensive catalog of PBCs that cover everything from Document Management and Electronic Signature to Payment Processing and Platform Data Services. Each of these PBCs has unique features and benefits, making SELISE blocks an effective solution for businesses. For example, the Document Management PBC includes microservices such as DMS Service, File Compressor, PDF Service, Template Engine and various integrations. This PBC ensures that users can easily manage their documents and have all the tools they need to simplify their work, which can result in an instant upgrade to the client’s business capability in storing, archiving and handling documents in day to day operations.
Similarly, the Payment Processor PBC includes microservices such as Generic Payment Service, Storage Service, Notification, and Mail Service. This PBC streamlines the payment process, stores relevant information, and provides users with relevant notifications and emails.

Upgrade your stack without breaking the bank

SELISE blocks are the key to innovative solutions, providing businesses with completely Packaged Business Capabilities that can be easily integrated into any project or product. With numerous benefits, including reduced overall costs, improved quality and security, and continuous updates and improvements, SELISE Blocks are the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about how SELISE Blocks can benefit your business.