Five Steps to Picking the Ideal Web Page Builder

The need for a professional web page for your business is pressing, but you’re lost as to where to start. Web design seems intimidating, and you’d rather not get started at all than learn everything needed to build a new web page. It is no longer necessary to understand coding or learn complex web design principles to build a good business web page. As an alternative, you might want to explore a web page builder. Web page builders are easy to get started with, even for a beginner who has never used one before. Additionally, web page builders provide templates and features that are based on web design best practices, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to build a web page. A web page builder may be a better choice for some businesses than hiring a designer. There’s no doubt that any business putting off building a web page due to a lack of knowledge is definitely at risk. The longer your business goes without a web page, the more sales you lose. This article will help you choose the best web page builder platform, whether you own a large business or a startup.

What is a Web Page Builder?

Building web pages can be accomplished using a web page builder that offers all-in-one functionality. In most cases, there is a drag-and-drop option, a visual editor requiring no code (even HTML and CSS). Templates, photo galleries, web hosting, forms, and more are all typical features that are needed for a web page.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

Your first priority should be to determine how much you can afford. Take into account the other costs involved with building your professional web page. Domain registration and hosting are part of every web page budget. You might also need to invest in images and copy for your web page. Consider a plan that bundles the web page services you need if your budget is limited. At SELISE, Pagebuilder – our web page builder – includes ways to promote your business, design web pages, develop prototypes, create custom widgets, test them, diagnose bugs, and deploy them. Additionally, we provide setup for your Gsuite account, which you would otherwise have to pay for separately. Google Workspace (formerly Gsuite) plans start as low as $6 per user per month for Business Starter, $12 per user per month for Business Standard, and $18 per user per month for Business Plus.

Step 2: Consider Your Needs and Priorities

Choosing the best web page builder platform requires a clear understanding of what your web page will be and do. Having clarified your priorities will help you narrow down your search.
  • How particular are you about getting things just right?
    If you want a lot of flexibility and options in designing your web page, then the best web page builder for you will include a lot of templates for you to choose from or more flexible editing options that will allow you to make extensive design changes. Managing and updating web pages is a breeze with PageBuilder. Our support and customization services are second to none.

  • Do you need an online store?
    E-commerce web pages should include functionalities like shopping carts and check outs, and their designs should emphasize getting customers to take the next step in making a purchase. Choose a web page builder that offers the right templates and features to enable an online store. E-commerce isn’t just beneficial to customers and consumers, it is also beneficial to retailers. Their business can now expand across the world, which would otherwise be impossible and require a lot of investment.

  • What types of media will you include?
    Do you plan to include video on the eCommerce web page? How about a photo gallery? A blog? A map that shows where your store is located? Make sure you use a web page builder that supports the content formats you want to use. One of our other products, SELISE Club, makes it easier to manage people and activities. A single place for all events, news, and communications – you and your team will enjoy a better user experience while saving time and money.

SELISE Pagebuilder

Building a webpage in 2021 can be easy if you figure out your objectives and the end-goals you want to achieve. With an array of options at your fingertips, start building your website from scratch to meet your business goals! You can experiment with endless possibilities with our Pagebuilder, which offers flexible editing options for extensive design changes.

Step 3: See How Easy It Is to Use

You can build a web page with any web page builder, but it does not necessarily mean they will be as easy as coding and programming. Drag-and-drop makes things easier, as mentioned. You should also look for a web page builder with an intuitive editor that makes making changes easy. Review the ease of use and length of a web page builder’s trial offer. Pagebuilder offers free trials, a feature-based freemium model, a support team, and consultations. See what users have to say about this. The people who come to a web page builder with the same level of knowledge as you are the most likely to know what kinds of problems you might encounter.

Step 4: Look for SEO Features

Having built your web page, you want people to find it, right? To achieve this, you should implement SEO best practices when designing your web page. It is important that a web page builder includes SEO features that make on-site optimization easy. You want an easy way to update all SEO meta elements on each page (such as the meta description and image alt tags) and to submit your sitemap to search engines. Even though on-site optimization is just one part of SEO, it’s an important part, and the right web page builder will give you a head start.

Step 5: Research about the Company’s Reputation and Competition

In addition, you will find it much easier to learn how to use the web page builder and ensure everything runs properly if you choose a web hosting provider with a good customer service reputation. Support staff should be able to quickly assist you if something isn’t working. Squarespace, Wix, Blint, and many others are among the leading players in the web page industry. The cloud based web page builder software called is another popular choice. The software combines ease of use with a powerful set of features to make it easy to build web pages. The transition from Wix to another platform could be quite complex, though, if you ever wish to leave Wix. You must purchase a domain name separately if you choose their Connect Domain plan which costs $9.16 per month. Squarespace is an advanced web page builder that has a lot to offer businesses and creatives alike. While it may not be the easiest to use builder on the market, it won’t take long to get used to – you just need a little more time and patience than Wix.