SELISE Blockchain Developer wins prizes at Global Chainlink Hackathon 2022

Mohammad Rayed, a Blockchain developer from SELISE Bangladesh, has won two prizes in a shared pool worth 38,000 USD with his Team Leveor at Global Chainlink Hackathon 2022! Competing with over 1,200 projects, Team Leveor won by developing a dApp called IPPS (Inter Planetary Payment System). IPPS is a blockchain based payment gateway system to enable centralized banks participate in DeFi movement by tokenizing fiat assets. From the early 2000s, payment gateways such as Visa and Mastercard have dominated cashless money transfers through their centralized monopolistic network – which in many ways have given them a price setting capability. IPPS aims to provide a breakthrough in this market by leveraging blockchain network as ground truth and thus removing friction and intermediaries within the fiat money transfer systems.

IPPS was made using Chainlink’s nodes, price feed and proof of reserve oracles. The multi contract architecture was deployed on Polygon, using IPFS and filecoin for storage and Solidity with OpenZeppelin libraries, along with typechain for binding, hardhat as a development framework, mocha and chai for testing. Their dApp was powered by React with wagmi.

The solution demonstrated how web3 offers high performing decentralized solutions as an answer to the recent turmoil of centralized web2 crypto projects.

SELISE congratulates Team Leveor for their amazing achievement, and encourages their developers to go above and beyond their work and make an impact on the industry, be it in opensource projects, hackathons, innovation or early adoption of technology.

More about the solution can be found here: Video