SELISE Partners with Parashift to Bring Advanced Machine Learning-based Document Extraction Software to Clients

SELISE recently announced a solution partnership with Parashift, a prominent advanced Machine Learning-based document extraction software provider. Following the success of their individual ventures, the companies are now working together to incorporate their proficiencies for the greater benefit of their clients. Companies that face a dire need to expedite their manual and paper-based processes will particularly benefit from this partnership. The day-to-day operations of processing paper documents and manually extracting data from them is extremely time consuming and can be easily automated, which could free up employees to focus on more cognitive and value adding tasks. Organizations can easily and rapidly address document-independent media breaks and make process automation more end-to-end by implementing Parashift’s intelligent document classification and extraction. Therefore, SELISE will be able to develop sophisticated and cross-media requirements that precisely complement Parashift’s capabilities, such as middleware platforms that host Parashift as third-party integration and provide organizations with an intuitive and comprehensive solution.
Parashift radically simplifies the entry into document automation with its unique approach. The platform makes it possible to process a comprehensive number of document types from day one. No setup, configuration, or training project is required. This is enabled by proprietary Swarm Learning technology, which leverages Machine Learning globally to realize collective training and performance improvements.
The customer gains control over document automation when they use SELISE’s solution that hosts Parashift. SELISE’s platforms are built continuously using the “no-code” approach. You don’t need to be a programmer or a data scientist to participate. Clients trust SELISE with their most sensitive documents. Parashift’s capabilities are complementary with SELISE’s own. And Parashift executives have expressed enthusiasm regarding the imminent partnership with SELISE. “SELISE is an experienced partner for companies to implement digital workflows. SELISE’s reliable and customer-centric approach, coupled with its years of experience, is revolutionizing digital process optimization for companies in a wide range of industries.” Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift. The solutions provided make it simple for businesses to get up and running with a short time to value. The first important use cases can be swiftly created and utilized as credible reference cases for scaling up. Companies benefit from easy-to-integrate Intelligent Document Processing software as well as ongoing analysis and advice to realize target-oriented solution concepts in this manner.
“Parashift’s innovative Intelligent Document Processing solution is a perfect complement to our offering and enables complex processes to be automated. By integrating Parashift, metadata can be read with amazing quality and further processed within digital workflow tools. By combining SELISE’s software development expertise and Parashift’s automation capabilities, we can offer clients much more in the realm of digitization. ”
Bobby Leu, COO of SELISE Group.