Mobility, Engineering & Logistics

Smart solutions with Zippsafe

Zippsafe provides a smart and space-saving locker solutions for employees worldwide. With their capacity calculator, any organization can calculate their savings based on the number of users or a given space. SELISE comes into the picture in this amazing locker solution by building a visually appealing website for Zippsafe and giving them an online presence to help reach their global market especially for the regions such as Switzerland, Europe and USA.

Advancing existing software

Automating existing processes does not mean developing completely new software. It is worth developing existing systems further. This is also the case for one of our clients doing home renovations. To make the set of processes more streamlined, we have advanced their CRM by adding custom objects needed in everyday business, updating formulas for necessary calculations, adding picklists to easier select items and making the invoice generation use QR codes which makes payment faster for the consumer.

Certification app for factory and manufacturing process inspection

Manufacturing products is one part of a factory. Conducting inspections, monitoring the work, evaluating workflows, keeping up with the EU standards and creating reports is the other time consuming part. SELISE recently launched an app enabling certified auditors to conduct on-site inspections using a tablet device with access to standardized checklists and multimedia data collection capabilities. Auditors can now conduct inspections using a tablet with access to existing checklists and collect and display data.