Level up your business communications through Social App

Enthusiasm is contagious. And so is Wiffme. Wiffme is a platform that enables you to explore and share location-based information in real time via live video! Communication in a new way. To make Wiffme more lively and beneficial to individuals and businesses, we at SELISE have developed various components to support Wiffme. For example, with a plug-and-play SaaS solution for businesses, where you can place a custom map widget on their business website to display videos and get feedback via SMS on demand. With a Web app invitations can be sent out using the map widget to connect business to the mobile app.

Lead management made easy!

Leads can make or break a business – especially when you are working with high profile clients! We have recently launched a customized CRM module for one of our clients with the goal of structuring the lead conversion process more efficiently and effectively. Now the sales management team can easily add leads into the system, engage in interactions with them and convert them into members, in short: we developed the optimized customer journey together!