How to make your customers happier? Give them the power to choose!

It’s a regular morning: Before you enter your office to start the day, you go to your favorite coffee shop for that morning espresso to jumpstart your day. However, it is a Monday and you quickly realize you’re not the only one who’s wanting to start their day with coffee. You patiently wait in the queue as the clock ticks away, thinking about your work and after what feels like an eternity, you are almost at the counter! But the couple in front of you just can’t decide what to order – feeling frustrated? The entire situation could be so much easier, if only they had a kiosk! If you are a restaurant manager or an owner – you already know customers are the king, and they are growing very impatient day by day. A recent study follows this up – a line of just five people is enough to push 57 percent of customers out the door and over to a competitor’s practice, whereas in case of a line of ten people, the number jumps up to 91%! Here is how a self order kiosk can make sure your customers are entering and exiting your restaurant with a smile on their face:

Saving Customers’ Time

When the time a customer would spend waiting in line to see a cashier is cut in half, they will be impressed with the speed of service and satisfied with their customer experience. Efficient customer service kiosks not only take the pressure off wait staff and cashiers during busy hours, but also allow customers to quickly order and bypass any potential frustrations.

Opportunity to Provide Instant Feedback

Finishing up an order and providing an instant reaction to how the process went gives the customer the opportunity to be heard! Not only can the feedback be crucial for a restaurant, but the customer also feels the effort put in to cater to their needs!

Personalized Ordering Experience

From custom messaging to personalized suggestions – a kiosk can make the customer feel they are always welcome at your restaurant!

A simple and happy journey to a happy customer:

Now it is up to you: Transform your business with SELISE solutions!

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