Ways to boost your restaurant’s revenue with self order kiosks!

The restaurant industry is booming post 2021, but the customers’ lifestyle has changed forever! With higher expectations than ever, and with so many choices of where to go for a quick lunch – every customer counts.

The foodservice industry is definitely quick to adapt – one of the most popular ways to do so is through automating the ordering process for the customers. Self service kiosks have been gaining a stronger foothold in restaurants – and it’s not a mystery why so! This simple yet effective solution to customer service has shown many ways to increase a restaurant’s revenue in a very short time!

Increasing Average Check Size

With convenience comes the opportunity to increase customers’ average basket size! By providing customers with a smooth ordering process, studies show that restaurants utilizing self order kiosks can boost average check size by up to 30%!

Personalized Upselling & Cross-selling Options

Burger and fries. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Scrambled eggs and bacon. All of these delectable food duos are simply better together. With the help of self-ordering terminals, you convince customers to upgrade their meal, try a combo, and, consequently, spend more?

Returning Customers!

It’s all about experience and convenience – satisfy a customer once and get them coming back to your restaurant again and again! Studies show that customers who order from self order kiosks show a 60% improved retention!

Now it is up to you: Transform your business with SELISE solutions!

Grow your business by digitizing multi-concept food order processes: Equipped with a powerful CMS, a comprehensive end-2-end system, POS and back-office integration – highly flexible for your own ecosystem. With features like Omnichannel ordering, delivery & pickup, payment solution – an all-in-one system for an intuitive, fast & efficient customer experience journey, your restaurant can fully utilize the next-generation of technology to boost your business’s bottom line!