Self-Order Kiosks in the foodservice industry: A Self-Order WHAT?

Have you recently ordered your food directly from a monitor? Like from a well-known fast food company? Yes, this is a so-called Self-Order Kiosk. It is not a myth or any complicated system. It is a very simple solution where customers can order their food at their own pace and on demand on a monitor.

These kinds of automated ordering services have become a game-changing tool for any industry with direct customer contact. In a post pandemic world, it is not really a mystery as to why this is happening. Any industry that focuses on direct contact with customers is now looking into kiosks as a new medium for selling – and the foodservice industry is probably one of the frontrunners in this race.

Imagine you are a restaurant manager or owner and you are able to synchronize the availability of your offered menus for your customers with your kitchen inventories. And even more: you register orders and receive payments faster than ever before?

Reduce Order Processing Time

Within the Quick Service Retail (QSR) industry, recent data demonstrates that self-ordering kiosks reduce ordering time per customer by nearly 40%.

Increasing Average Order Size

Data from a recent Appetize case study – comparing sales between self-ordering kiosks and staffed cashier terminals – found that self-ordering stations not only accommodated more orders, but showed a 30% increase in average order size.

Customer Preferring Shorter Lines

According to a recent study by Tillster, 70% of customers expect to order online and a line of just five people is enough to push 57 percent of customers out the door and over to a competitor’s practice, whereas in case of a line of ten people, the number jumps up to 91%.

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