Sunrise connects buildings to
their network with SELISE

The trend of digital transformation has revolutionized the way we connect buildings to the network, bringing greater efficiency and accuracy to the process. However, despite this progress, manual procedures still persist, indicating that it’s time for the industry to fully embrace the future of digitization.

To address this need, Sunrise focused on developing a digital platform that streamlines the entire process of connecting buildings. This platform simplifies every step, from calculations and contracts to installation and tracking, providing a seamless solution for the end customer. Together, Sunrise and SELISE developed the New Build Portal, marking the beginning of our journey toward digitization and shaping the way we build and connect our world.

The New Build Portal is designed to support a wide range of processes, including analyzing projects, approving milestones, sending out contracts, following up on the status of connections, and initiating marketing activities. The portal was launched on February 17th, 2022, following a year-long development timeline that began in January 2020.

The portal boasts several modules and features aimed at simplifying processes. The IAM module ensures transparency and role-based permission to access information, while the Project Module enables projects to be created, analyzed, documented, and confirmed through the portal. The most recent addition to the New Build Portal is the Reconciliation State feature, which simplifies cross-checking external client projects with the portal using information from a webform portal. This feature ensures accuracy during project transfers, eliminating the possibility of any loss of information through a step-by-step process.

SELISE is thrilled to have collaborated with Sunrise in creating the innovative New Build Portal. With its digitization of multiple business processes, streamlined workflow, and integration with other systems, the portal is poised to improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring data accuracy. The partnership between SELISE and Sunrise was instrumental in creating this product, which addresses the pain points faced by such projects. Join us on our journey towards digitization with SELISE and Sunrise.