Smart restroom management made easy with SELISE’s real-time data tracker!

We often hear about how the world in general is moving towards smart technologies. While the usage of smart devices (such as your phone), or smart households (hey, Alexa!) has become increasingly commonplace, did you know that smart restroom concepts are also gaining mainstream popularity?

Our client is one such service provider, who designs, constructs and manages public restroom facilities through its tech-enabled service platform in high-density areas of Asia. They provide a system for managing public restrooms that keeps track of daily user statistics and manages their staff, revenue, and locations. However, they soon discovered that managing such large volumes of data – scattered across multiple hubs – was proving troublesome with their existing system infrastructure. 

SELISE developed a platform through which our client can now track the footfalls in their facilities, and get updated reports on their earnings – every 5 minutes! In this way, our client can handle and continuously watch over real-time data for managing their day-to-day operations, simply and effectively. Soon, SELISE will launch a new version of the platform, using which our client will also be able to manage their cleaning services and workforce, while viewing detailed analytics on the staff’s performance and roster.