Innovative tools to get more done in less time

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the game is essential for success. This is where the tools come in! The right set of tools can always assist you in achieving your goals more quickly and effectively, whether you want to automate business processes, improve your workflow, or simply make your life easier. Below, are a few such innovative tools that you can use to enhance your daily activities.


ChatGPT: Who hasn’t heard of the most recent innovation in technology? With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is like having a personal assistant at your fingertips. This virtual assistant is capable of managing a wide range of tasks, from scheduling appointments, and responding to inquiries from customers to even writing reports. According to Gartner, individuals and enterprises can benefit greatly from the tool’s assistance with their respective processes. Professionals can use it to expedite their working process by carrying out research and generating project proposals and summaries. Moreover, the interactive tool can also be asked to create compelling content, and request assistance with campaigns thanks to its capacity to generate variants of appealing copy and caption.


The limitations of ChatGPT include its inability to handle complex tasks that require critical thinking and its outputs should be double-checked for accuracy, as there may be occasional errors in the information provided. While the tool has a free version, to be able to use it without hindrances and receive faster results, there is a subscription model starting at CHF 18.43/month. Nevertheless, ChatGPT is a great option for tech companies looking to boost workflow effectiveness and efficiency because of its user-friendly interface and quick results. Labelled as the “Future of Search” by Forbes Magazine, this search engine provides privacy and results in its own unconventional way. It prioritizes user privacy and is dedicated to simplifying and speeding up online searches. not only offers a private mode for enhanced security but it also doesn’t keep track of or store your search history. It rather lets you customize your search and gives you quick, relevant results. Unlike other traditional search engines, with, you will not have to shift through multiple links, tabs, or advertisements. This is because, for each list of links, summarizes and displays information in rows with a carousel of options from well-known websites like Twitter, Reddit, the BBC, and others. The objective is to use artificial intelligence to provide a results page using website categories that are more personalized without requiring users to leave. Due to its user-friendly interface and quick search results, can streamline and enhance research processes, which can greatly benefit technology companies.


Notion: It is a powerful workspace that can be used for both individuals and businesses. This innovative tool simplifies project management, portfolio creation, task tracking, note-taking, and more for individuals and businesses alike. Its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set will provide you with everything you need to work more efficiently and effectively. It has a large, supportive community that provides free resources and support due to its dependability and ease of use. Notion can be used by tech companies for project management, wire-framing, and the creation of landing pages, among other things. It is simple to generate multiple variations to meet their particular requirements. While there’s a free version, the first of the 3 paid plans start at $4 per month.


TinyWow: A completely free and comprehensive digital toolkit, TinyWow provides an extensive range of features for PDF files, videos, images, and more. With this innovation, you can easily edit and manipulate images, make memes, convert videos to GIFs, convert word documents to PDF, remove backgrounds from images, generate QR codes, and do a lot more. This platform also provides adaptable options for converting video formats, such as MP4 to GIF, WebP, and other formats along with downloading videos from popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  Hence, with its easy-to-use interface and a wealth of tools, it can be a very suitable tool for marketing teams to accelerate the whole process and create eye-catching content. Additionally, tech companies can leverage TinyWow’s conversion and file management features to refine and simplify their workflows and increase productivity. However, it is worth noting that TinyWow does not support large files and the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 52.4 MB.


Venngage: It’s a tool that easily converts data into visually appealing content. It is easy to generate beautiful and effective infographics, reports, and data visualizations with its numerous templates and intuitive interface. The marketing team can use the tool to create engaging content that effectively communicates your brand message. In addition, this tool can be especially useful to tech companies because it can assist with content creation, diagramming for presentations, and documentation. Tech companies can differentiate themselves from their rivals by producing content that is both effective and beautiful with the help of Venngage. Venngage also has a free version and paid plans starting at CHF 14.75/month which unlocks a number of features.


In conclusion, tech companies can benefit from using these tools to work more creatively, effectively, and efficiently. By investing in these tools, tech companies can accelerate their operations and grow their businesses to new heights. These tools cover everything you need to automate tasks, streamline your workflow, or simply simplify your life. Therefore, give them a shot already!