How to Create a Legally Valid eSignature?

Electronic signatures are a nifty way to express consent and legal agreement digitally. In addition to being legally binding, it also saves time and paper in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. Although there are several eSignature products on the market, organizations need one that can be customized and works well with their existing workflows. SELISE Signature is the go-to alternative for organizations searching for a personalized and effective way to sign contracts and other essential documents – thanks to its distinctive branding possibilities and wide range of integrations on offer, SELISE provides a thoroughly customizable eSignature solution. Here, we’ll walk you through each step of utilizing SELISE Signature to create a digital contract that is valid in a court of law (depending on your region, of course).

Step 1: Sign up for an eSignature service

Factors to consider when choosing the right eSignature provider
The first step to creating a legally recognized digital contract is to sign up for an eSignature service. While there are several eSignature solutions available, it’s crucial to choose one that meets your business needs and is compliant with relevant regulations.

Choosing the right eSignature service provider is a crucial decision for any business utilizing digital contract processing. Here are some key factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Compliance: It’s essential to choose a provider that complies with relevant regulations and laws in the region where the digital contract will take effect, ensuring the legality and validity of eSignatures. For example, the provider should be able to distinguish between the ZertES guidelines that govern electronic signatures in Switzerland from the eIDAS guidelines that are in effect across other European countries such as Germany and Austria.
  • Security: Look for a provider that offers robust security measures to protect your documents from unauthorized access or tampering, and ensures data integrity at every step of the way.
  • Customization: With Consider a provider that offers customization options, such as branding and design, to ensure your documents align with your business’s identity and brand.
  • Integration: Look for a provider that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows and systems, making it easier to incorporate eSignatures into your daily operations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Finally, consider the cost-effectiveness of the service. Choose a provider that offers flexible pricing plans and reduces additional costs like manual data entry.

SELISE Signature offers all of these key features, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable, secure, and customizable eSignature service. Its flexibility, multi-usage and cost-efficiency make it stand out among other providers in the market. With SELISE Signature, businesses can create legally valid eSignatures that align with their brand identity, streamline their workflows, and reduce costs.

Step 2: Get started with SELISE Signature:

Here’s how you can sign up and purchase SELISE Signature:

  • Tailor Your eSignature Package with SELISE Signature’s Price Calculator:

SELISE Signature offers a unique pricing calculator feature on their website that allows users to customize their own package based on their specific needs. By visiting, users can select from various options such as the number of signatures they require, the number of users who will be using the service, and the level of support they need.

As users adjust the different options, the pricing calculator will display the total cost of the package in real-time. This allows users to create a package that fits their budget while still meeting all of their requirements.

SELISE Signature also offers a free trial that allows users to test the service and its features before committing to a paid package. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to see if SELISE Signature meets their needs without any financial commitment.

  • Complete the payment process:
To complete the payment process you need to sign up for SELISE Signature, by simply selecting the “Sign Up” option and entering your personal and business information, including your name, email address, and company name. Once you have filled out the necessary information you can complete the purchase of our customized plan.
  • Access your account dashboard:

Once you have completed the payment process, you will be able to access your account dashboard. From here, you can customize your signature, upload important documents, and start using SELISE Signature to sign and send contracts and other legal documents.

Step 3: Creating and Sending Contract:

Let’s walk through the simple steps to create and send a contract for signature using SELISE Signature:
  • Upload Contract Details:

First, upload the PDF that needs to be signed. The name of the PDF will be automatically set as the Name of the Contract, but you can change it if you prefer. You can also add multiple PDFs if needed.

  • Choose Legal Weight:

In the second step, you’ll be asked to choose the legal weight of the contract. Select Simple if you want to ensure document integrity and traceability or Advanced if you need a legally binding contract with two-factor authentication.

  • Add Signatories and Viewers:
Next, you can add the people you want to be in the contract. You can add them as signatories or viewers. If you’re signing the contract, you’ll be added automatically as a signatory at the top of the list. To add a signatory, simply enter their email address and provide their name and phone number. To add a viewer, select Viewer from the dropdown menu.
  • Prepare & Customize the Contract:
In the last step, prepare the contract by adding where each signatory needs to sign. Drag and drop the Signature button to the PDF and place it where you want. You can also add fields for the signatory’s name, date of signature, IP location, and form field. If you need to add text to the PDF, simply drag and drop a text box and type what you want.
  • Sending the Contract:

Once the document is prepared by the user, the user can click on the Send Contract button on the top and every signatory and viewer of the contract will be sent an email invitation to sign or view the contract.

Step 4: Signing the Contract

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final step of the contract process. Now it’s time to sign the document and finalize the agreement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sign the contract using SELISE Signature:
  • Access the contract:

Once you receive an invitation to sign the contract, click on the link in the email or log in to SELISE Signature and access the contract from the Received Contracts list, My Contracts list, Yet to Sign list, or Pending list.

  • Review the contract:
Before signing, it’s important to read the contract carefully. You can view the PDF of the contract on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Review Contract and Sign’:
If you’re ready to sign the contract, click on the ‘Review Contract and Sign’ button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Add your signature:
Click on each placeholder where your signature is required. The first time you click on a placeholder, you’ll be asked to either create your signature, upload an image of your signature, or choose from a saved signature.
  • Authenticate yourself:
Once you’ve added your signature, click on the ‘Sign’ button. You’ll be asked to provide two-factor authentication to verify your identity. Choose between Email and SMS authentication and provide the code you received.
  • Complete the signing process:

If you’re authenticated by our signing providers (Swisscom/Signing Hub), you can proceed with the signing process. However, if you’re not authenticated, you’ll be asked to authenticate yourself first before signing the contract. The authentication process is done by our provider and you’ll be redirected to their system to complete the authentication.

That’s it! Once you’ve completed the signing process, the contract is considered signed and legally binding. You can access the signed contract anytime from the My Contracts list. It’s that simple and easy with SELISE Signature.

Step 5: Conclusion

Creating a legally valid eSignature is no longer a complicated and time-consuming process. Thanks to modern technology and platforms like SELISE Signature, anyone can create a secure, efficient, and legally binding signature in just a few clicks. SELISE Signature offers a customizable and seamless integration experience to ensure a hassle-free experience for all users. And the best part? You can try it for free and experience the benefits for yourself.

So why wait? Try out SELISE Signature and discover how easy it is to create legally valid eSignatures today!