5 Reasons Why SELISE Signature is the Perfect E-Signature Solution for Businesses

In the fast-paced world of business, time is money, and every minute counts. That’s why SELISE Signature is the perfect solution for managing contracts and legal documents, with its powerful integration capabilities and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re closing a deal with a client across the country or the world, SELISE Signature makes it easy to sign and manage your documents securely and efficiently. Additionally, with its flexible customization options, you can personalize your company’s e-signature process with its own branding and specific configurations. So, what sets SELISE Signature apart from other e-signature solutions out there? Let’s dive into the 5 reasons that make it the ultimate business tool.

Legal Compliance

European businesses need to comply with a range of legal and regulatory requirements when it comes to e-signatures and document management. SELISE Signature is well-designed to meet these requirements. With its impressive support for various legal standards and customization options, businesses can tailor their workflows to meet their specific needs while staying compliant with the law. SELISE Signature’s audit trails, two-factor authentication, and other security features provide top-notch protection for all documents, ensuring that they remain safe and secure.

SELISE Signature’s e-signature solution offers three different levels of signatures that are approved by the laws of Switzerland and the EU. The Simple e-signature, suitable for internal record-keeping, ensures document integrity and traceability but does not authenticate the signatory through two-factor authentication or add a certificate. The Advanced e-signature provides a higher level of trust and assurance, using unique signing keys for each signatory and linking their identity to the signed document for verification using an industry-standard PDF reader. This signature type is approved by the EU Law eiDAS and the Swiss Law ZertES.

The most secure and highest level of trust is provided by the Qualified e-signature. This type of signature is legally equivalent to a handwritten Signature in courts of law under the regulations defined in various regions of the world, including Switzerland’s ZertES and the EU’s eiDAS. To complete a Qualified eSignature, the signatory must undergo identity verification by presenting documents over video, ensuring the utmost level of security and reliability. With these signature options and SELISE Signature’s top-notch security features like encryption and firewalling complemented by two-factor authentication and a holistic audit trail starting with the user’s first login, you can rest assured that all your documents are not only legally compliant but also safe.

Free Qualified E-Signature

The best way to know if something is right for you is to try it out. With SELISE Signature’s free first Qualified Signature, Businesses can do just that. And the best part of it is, login is not even required. This legally valid signature is recognized in Switzerland and the EU. Not only that, but SELISE Signature’s Qualified Signature comes with Autoident and Selfieident, both are systems that identify your users online based on various artificial intelligence tools such as image, video, face, and character recognition. The procedures are easy and fast while adhering to the highest data protection and security standards.

Customization Options

SELISE Signature puts businesses in the driver’s seat when it comes to their e-signature solution. With complete control, businesses can deliver a streamlined and user-friendly experience to both internal and external stakeholders. But that’s not all, SELISE Signature takes it a step further with white labeling. This feature allows businesses to personalize their e-signature process with their own branding, giving the product a fresh look and feel that aligns with their company’s identity. So, whether you want to add your company’s logo or match your brand’s color scheme, SELISE Signature’s white labeling allows you to make the product uniquely yours. The best part? This level of customization not only enriches the customer experience but also results in a more intuitive and user-friendly platform for all users.

Integration Capabilities

SELISE Signature’s integration capabilities are unparalleled, thanks to its decoupled architecture. This means that the platform’s core services can be integrated with any microservice, making it flexible and customizable to meet your specific requirements. And if you buy a certain number of signatures, we will even do the integration for you.

Gone are the days of complicated and time-consuming integration processes. With SELISE Signature, you can easily integrate e-signature workflows into your existing systems, without the hassle. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. So why settle for anything less? Choose SELISE Signature for a seamless and hassle-free e-signature experience.

Value-Added Services

With an arsenal of SELISE developers at your disposal, you can create a fully customized e-signature solution that will leave your customers impressed. SELISE Signature offers value-added services that make it easy for businesses to manage and organize their contracts and contacts. Managing contracts and legal documents can be a daunting task for businesses, but with SELISE Signature’s contract management feature, it’s a breeze. The expandable cloud storage, automatic folder creation, and access control options make it easy to store and manage large volumes of documents. Plus, the archiving functionality and edit/share/access history features to ensure that all documents are tracked and audited as required by law. Contacts are another important aspect of business that SELISE Signature helps with. Businesses need to manage a large number of contacts, including customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. SELISE Signature’s contact management feature offers API-driven connections and custom list creation, as well as bulk import/export and directory management tools. This makes it easy for businesses to keep track of all their contacts and ensure that contracts are sent to the right people at the right time. SELISE Signature is the ultimate e-signature solution that businesses have been waiting for! With legal compliance, customization options, and unparalleled integration capabilities, it’s a solution that can adapt to your specific requirements. Plus, the first free qualified e-signature allows you to test and evaluate the product before making a commitment, so you can make an informed decision. So, why not give SELISE Signature a try today and experience the power and flexibility of the ultimate e-signature solution?