SELISE and Samsung launch into strategic partnership to develop Self-Order Terminal application suite for Samsung Kiosk

SELISE has partnered up with global tech leader Samsung to develop a customized Self-Order solution for the new Samsung Kiosk, an innovative all-in-one solution for contactless ordering and payment. SELISE is the first in the Swiss market to create a fully integrated payment solution for Samsung Kiosk.

The SELISE Self-Order solution offers a comprehensive suite of applications that helps businesses across all industry verticals – from gastronomy to hospitality management – introduce a seamless self-order experience. The SELISE suite is highly modular and integration friendly, allowing any of its applications to be plugged into existing ordering systems and handing over a greater degree of flexibility to businesses.

“Thanks to the customized solution, up to 30% increase in sales can be achieved through upselling opportunities while unnecessary waiting times for end customers are reduced,” says Philipp Matter, VP Customer Success at SELISE. “This goal is elementary in all industries that want to use digitization and its advantages for themselves and their end customers. The solution is intuitive, fast and efficient. Driving this development and meeting the new, digital customer requirements is core to our strategic partnership with Samsung for the Swiss market.”

Streamlining customer journey

The current suite of SELISE Self-Order Terminal applications has been built with self-ordering interactions as the cornerstone of its operations. SELISE mainly aims to streamline a customer’s purchase journey with the help of the intuitive Self-Order Terminal solution, at the core of which lies the admin application. Mainly used for order management, the admin application is used to receive and respond to customer orders quickly and efficiently, reducing queues and waiting times. At the same time, the fully integrated payment solution offers customers the chance to avail a payment gateway to complete their purchase.

Increasing business profitability

The admin can also access different plug-ins that generate additional business value, by simply downloading them from the SELISE Kiosk Marketplace and integrating them with the core admin application. By integrating the content management plug-in, businesses can use the Samsung Kiosk to display promotional content during any marketing campaigns – without needing to purchase additional hardware. Similarly, businesses can integrate plug-ins that enable table and delivery management or queue management systems. This ultimately reduces the cost of acquiring new hardware and enhances business profitability.

The SELISE suite is also very integration-friendly, making it easier for businesses to connect their legacy systems with SELISE’s solutions and eliminating the need to transition to an entirely new system.

Future possibilities using intelligent data analysis

The future of the SELISE suite of Self-Order applications is driven by possibilities arising from data aggression and analysis. The suite of applications will utilize AI-based systems to automate the decision-making process and ultimately transform the Samsung Kiosk into a “smarter” platform that is able to adapt and learn from external cues. Further down the line, the SELISE Self-Order Terminal suite of applications will evolve to develop adaptive features such as context-driven digital signage systems or smarter upselling.