Keeron, an e-learning platform, gets its website built by SELISE

In recent years, Bangladesh has seen a rise in the adoption of e-learning platforms. While most of them cater to students from the primary to tertiary level, there has been very little work to address the needs of young professionals. A large chunk of the young aspiring professionals in the country do not have a clear guidance on where they can learn some of the most crucial skills needed in their professional careers. Keeron is one such e-learning platform that aims to equip young professionals with much needed skills that will help them thrive in their careers. This platform offers courses like MS Excel, product management, job interview preparation which are taken by leading veterans of different industries.

Keeron has partnered up with SELISE to launch their website to help young professionals upskill their careers. The entire website, which has been built by SELISE, went live on August 28, 2023.

An Upskilling Platform for Professionals

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s crucial for professionals to stay competitive by developing distinctive skill sets. Keeron caters to these young and aspiring professionals by offering courses on topics that are relevant to excelling in their careers. Keeron has partnered with industry experts and veterans to design the courses which include, but are not limited to, job interview preparation, public speaking, product management and MS Excel. The courses are conducted by the top 1% industry veterans who have a proven track record in their respective fields.
Since each learner has their own individual learning path, Keeron will address this by offering unique learning requirements; providing personalized learning paths for individuals and taking into account their current skills, career goals, and preferred learning style. Through an engaging and interactive learning environment with an intuitive user interface, Keeron will enable professionals to access high-quality video lectures, interactive quizzes, real-world case studies, and collaborative discussion forums.

A Platform Built by SELISE

Keeron’s seamless functionality is supported by a robust technological foundation. SELISE expertly crafted the platform, by using backend technologies such as Java 17, Spring boot, MongoDb & Gradle. For video streaming and as part of the DRM (Digital Rights Management), VDOCipher was utilized. Payment services were seamlessly integrated using SSL Commerz. On the frontend, the platform harnesses the power of ReactJS and NextJS.

Apart from designing the whole interface and flows from the scratch, SELISE built a customized CMS (Content Management System) for the admins of the website. This CMS system empowers Keeron to make future alterations and update the website in the future independently, ensuring long-term flexibility and self-sufficiency.

The website’s reporting module provides administrators with a comprehensive view of registered users across various courses. This includes access to user usernames, payment methods, and payment statuses, offering a detailed profile of the platform’s user base. Furthermore, the platform’s analytics feature goes a step further by revealing the keywords used by website visitors. This valuable data allows for a deeper understanding of which courses are garnering the most interest among potential users. Armed with this insight, Keeron can develop more targeted and strategic marketing campaigns to cater to the specific preferences and needs of its audience.

For any website, protection of its intellectual properties and content is crucial. Hence, Keeron’s platform is fortified with an embedded Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. Through this, Keeron can protect the intellectual property of the platform and prevent illegal piracy and counterfeiting of their content.

The website comes with its own mentor dashboard. The dashboard is accessed by 3 different types of users. The three types of admin accesses provided are: mentor, co-mentor and evaluator. The mentor is usually the instructor of the course. Co-mentors work in a role similar to that of a teaching assistant, helping the mentor where needed. Evaluators are there to assess all the submissions, deliverables of the students. These clear divisions of admins and responsibilities help make conducting these courses more efficient. Additionally, SELISE is actively developing mobile apps for Keeron, set to be available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, demonstrating Keeron’s commitment to delivering a seamless, accessible learning experience across multiple platforms.

Towards Making a More Skilled Population

It is imperative for someone at the beginning of their career to be equipped with the necessary skills that their job roles will require. More often than not, these skills go beyond what is taught in traditional educational institutions. Keeron, through its secure and powerfully designed platform, aims to equip a generation of professionals with these expertises. This partnership will be instrumental in crafting a more skilled and equipped cohort that will play a crucial role in the future.