AI-based translations of UI elements now a reality for SELISE <blocks/> users

SELISE <blocks/>, the advanced software management platform, has now integrated AI-based application translation in its suite of services. This revolutionary step is not just a product enhancement but a significant shift in the software localization realm.

Embracing Large Language Models (LLMs), SELISE’s recent UILM release empowers developers with a streamlined, efficient approach to translating user interfaces (UI). While traditional methods fall short due to the distinct nuances in how user interfaces use languages, LLMs make it possible to articulate and comprehend the context of UI elements more effectively, leading to more precise translations.

Even the most advanced AI systems may occasionally encounter challenges. SELISE has addressed this by integrating a UILM interface that enables human translators to make instant corrections to applications in production, bolstering the AI’s efficiency with human precision.

In the broader context of digital transformation, this enhancement positions SELISE <blocks/> as a leader in providing advanced and user-friendly solutions for software localization. By effectively merging AI and human expertise, SELISE is not merely offering a service but also setting a new standard for software development and localization. This upgrade is set to open new avenues for developers and organizations, making software localization an efficient and precise process.

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As a top-tier tech solution provider, SELISE continues to break barriers in the software development industry. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on how SELISE is paving the way for innovation and advancement in the digital world.