Why Running a Successful Email Marketing Campaign with SELISE ARC is More Effective than Social Media Promotions

Social media has changed the way of product promotion in the past decade, making it easier to reach prospective customers. From being just a channel for communication, it has turned into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Although it has been cost-effective in so many ways, in recent times, it has also been difficult to reach customers due to a multitude of reasons. Social media channels being cluttered with promotional posts has been one of the primary reasons, along with issues of targeting the appropriate audience that can generate leads and revenues. This is why digital marketers are looking for effective ways to reach customers and generate revenues. To grab the attention of customers, email marketing has been proved to up to 40 times more effective compared to Facebook or Twitter, according to a study conducted by McKinsey & Co.

What is an Email Campaign?

Email campaigns are designed to reach multiple recipients, providing them with the best value at the most appropriate time through relevant offers. It creates a strong bridge between your clients and your company, allowing you to communicate with them easily and effectively. The way it can give marketers superior value compared to social media promotions is by relaying content that will be most valuable to customers. CTA (call-to-action) attached with the email (e.g contents and resource download opportunities, signing up for organization monthly newsletters or webinars, or exclusive offers that can only be availed through email campaigns) allows the recipient to engage with the brand which increases brand awareness. But to make sure that these emails do not end up in the spam folder of the recipient, e-mails have to be well-written, valuable content has to be offered, and a strong and focused CTA should be added that clearly defines the goal of the campaign.

How is it better than Social Media Promotions?

In social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, it is often difficult to control the type of audience to reach out to. Despite Facebook letting social media marketers choose appropriate keywords to maximize their reach, however, at the same time, it has full control over who gets to come across these contents. Due to the Facebook marketing algorithm, it is also difficult to maintain the privacy of the customers and protect their data. Even though the posts have high advertisement costs, there is little to no engagement and even a low conversion rate. Since the primary goal of any marketing campaign is to convert leads into customers, having high engagement but low conversion rates are not desirable. The average conversion rate of Facebook in 2020 across all industries was 9.21% and in the same year, the conversion rate for email campaigns was 20.53% which goes to show how much more effective it is.

Your Website Can Show Off What You Can Do

SELISE ARC (Acquisition & Retention Cloud) allows users to reach out to customers through a data lake full of relevant information, without compromising their confidential information. At the same time, it offers users essential business tools like Customer Resource Management (CRM), electronic signatures facilities, and many more. In the product offering, email campaigns are also offered, which has been proved to be greatly successful to clients such as the prominent Swiss chocolatiers Läderach.

What are the Benefits of the Email campaign Feature in SELISE ARC?

ARC provides the users with an email campaigning tool that can be used to send targeted emails to the audience in the form of valuable content or promotional materials.

  • Customizable templates give the customers more control over email branding and the insights generated from the campaigns can be used in future campaigns.
  • The Data Lake, which is essentially the data repository for ARC can store customer information while complying with the GDPR policies.
  • This can also be used for customer loyalty management programs, providing long-time customers with offers they will value, and for after-sales opportunities for retaining customers in e-commerce and F-commerce.
  • It ensures that user privacy is maintained by only providing data required for segmentation so that they cannot be identified individually.
  • As a brand, you get more authority over the target audience and the type of content.
  • The insights provided by the platform allows you to plan your future marketing campaigns,

In this era of digital marketing, it’s more difficult to retain customers than to acquire them. Through the SELISE ARC email campaign feature, companies can effectively reach out to customers and retain them by offering valuable content.