Introducing the all-in-one Self Order Terminal Solution!

Brought to you by Samsung & SELISE!

We at SELISE have partnered with Samsung to bring the most innovative self service kiosk solutions to grow your business in the next generation of the restaurant industry!

What is next for your restaurant?

It is time to bring your restaurant to the next generation of technology!

The restaurant industry has been constantly evolving and taking advantage of the latest technologies to increase revenue, reduce operational costs and make customers happier. At SELISE, we believe that the challenges we face are simply opportunities to grow into the ever-changing world of tomorrow. Our cutting-edge approach to service guarantees more robust opportunities to increase your sales, while continuing to put your customers first by putting control back into their hands. Push your restaurant into the next generation with a holistic system created specifically with restaurants in mind.

Fully Integration Ready

Fully integrated all in one self order terminal that guarantees superior customer satisfaction and lets your customers have control!

Boost Your Revenue

Omni-channel order automation boosts average basket size and increases customer retention with unique upselling opportunities!

Reduce Operational Costs

Optimize and centralize your business operations, making it more efficient and thus reducing costs!

Make Happier Customers

Reduce queue lines and wait times per order for your customers with reduced human error, making your customers happier and building lasting relationships!

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Versatility at the core!

The Samsung kiosk provides maximum space savings in your existing store with easy installations. With highly customizable software solutions from SELISE, any restaurant can naturally integrate Kiosk for more impactful customer experience!

“Where SELISE really sets themselves apart is that they think it through, not only the software bit, but the entire end-to-end process!”

Markus Feller
Head of Innovation & Transformation, SV Group

Our Selected Customers in Gastronomy!

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Integrate new technology for efficient business, safer purchases, and happier customers.

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Get Started Today!

Integrate new technology for efficient business, safer purchases, and happier customers.

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Neue Technologien für effiziente Geschäftsprozesse, mehr Sicherheit beim Einkauf und zufriedenere Kunden.